Mali Bok Beach

Having A Perfect Beach Adventure At Mali Bok Beach, Croatia

European tour mostly includes history and culture sight-seeing but when planning for a Croatian tour, you have plenty of nature tripping to consider. You can indulge in the beauty of nature by visiting different islands, lakes and beaches that is not over crowded and so you can have the serenity that you wanted. Croatia absolutely offers all types of beach. Some of these beaches are Umag beach, Porec and Mali Bok beach.

Many of the best beaches are said to be the least accessible and Mali Bok Beach is one of them,but paying a visit to this place is very worthwhile, especially for adventure-seekers. This is a very good destination for swimming, diving and snorkelling as the beach really looks so stunning because of its clear water. Thebeach is located on the Island of Cres near the village of Orlec. Getting there is a bit of a challenge, as you have to leave the car on a hill where you can have a breathtaking view of the blue-green sea. Getting to this place is only by a single staircase that will challenge the level of adventure in you especially when going home,as it is very steep to climb.

It is advisable that you arm yourself with flippers and mask for snorkelling as you swim around the reef because there are lots of fish and starfish. For people who got a braver heart, this place is perfect for cliff diving.

This beach has not yet been bombarded with developments, making it perfect for people who want a perfect summer get away. So if you’re planning to visit Croatia, take some time to visit the island of Cres and head on to Mali Bok beach for a perfect swimming, snorkelling and diving activities.

Omiš Croatia

Omiš Croatia - The Town Of The Pirates And Mediterranean Beauty

The small scenic port town Of Omis is located in the heart of Dalmatia region of Croatia. It is located in the opening of the Cetina River giving its landscape the natural beauty of the elusive gorges and caves. The true mediterranean charm and diversity of the city offers everything, that one would need to have a unforgettable holiday.

The Omis Churches and Fortresses, which are influenced a lot by Roman and Greek architecture, very beautifully tell the stories of the courageous and valiant history of the infamous Pirates of Omis, that ruled these lands for century. The history of Omis can be found in every corner of the city engulfing its visitors and transporting them to an era ruled by the Pirates .

Omiš provides a perfect blend for travellers to enjoy peace serenity and culture, or adrenaline pumping active holiday. So, one can get lost in touring the Church of Mihovil, and Holy Ghost Church, Fortress Starigrad and Fortress Mirabella, and get immersed walking through the 12 Km coastline, with sand and rocky beaches, steep cliffs and clear water. The Canyon on the River Cetina creates a perfect spot for a relaxing family picni, or a active trek and excursion The Gubavica waterfalls is a must visit, when travelling to Omis.

For the lover of activity and excitement, River Cetina is great attractions. Travellers can enjoy rafting and kayaking. Omiš provides tonnes of recreational activities, like free climbing, cycling, soccer, basketball, volleyball on the beach, windsurfing ,water-skiing, sea-kayaking, Bowling, paragliding, scuba and water polo Travellers to Omiš, should not miss out on the culinary experience of rich Mediterranean food and produce and also the famous trouts from the Cetina river. The Old town region of Omis, have some great places to eat and is a must to experience the local cuisine.

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